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Janu Productions | Services
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TV Shows are our life. We are working on TV Show Girl Next door, about the prostitution in families. Also on our plate are few TV Shows we are so excited to talk about in near future.

Digital & VFX

Want to be out there,sell the product, show what you got? You need Janu. Our amazing Marketing Team is involved in this section of production and will help you create amazing content that will help you get to the next level.

Sound & Radio

We love nothing more than working with other production companies and creating new content. If you are production company looking extra help, we are the one. If you are foreign production company looking to use most famous locations in NYC but unsure how to do it, we are the one. Contact us for more informations and bookings.

We are the boutique production company working to become an entertainment
conglomerate and media conglomerate.

Our film production services include strategy and distribution, creative development, live action filming, motion graphics and post production.